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Apr 8

todd terje - johnny and mary (robert palmer cover)

been a while since i’ve posted some gentle jams. just keeping it together right now.

Nov 11

helios - sons of light and darkness

need to be all about my gentle jams again.

Jan 30

rachel’s - wally, egon, & models in the studio

don’t think i’ll ever be able to pick just one favorite rachel’s album.

Oct 16

empire! empire! i was a lonely estate - the loneliness inside me is a place

let’s all take the day off

Aug 15

dntel - jitters (geotic remix)

how it looks outside right now. everything has been so weird but i’m trying to keep it all hopeful.

Aug 4

ryuichi sakamoto - merry christmas mr. lawrence

i’m in chicago right now, which is usually fun, but it’s just been weird. i miss my favorite girl/person ever and i miss new york and i miss not worrying every minute about what is the best possible course of action for me.

anyways, it’s the largest music fest i’ve ever played and i am feeling really great and intimidated at the same time. i am trying to have the best time possible, but i feel pretty one-track minded and worried at any given moment. i’ll see at the drive-in tomorrow and maybe feel better, but i just wanna sleep for a bit now.

Jul 25

max richter - autumn music 2

can’t expect the worst AND hope for the best, it has to go one way or the other. i’m excited to go on this little mini-tour, but i’m really apprehensive about leaving at the same time. it’s been a weird week so far. goodnight.

Jul 20

brian eno - unfamiliar wind (leek hills)

i don’t know. stuck in “not good enough ever” mode.

i know i need to stop bitching on here sorry sorry sorry, i’m just really bad about actually talking.

Jul 17

vyaz’ - crystal dance

trying to calm myself down. it’s not good to start a day wanting to throw your chair through a wall.

Jul 15

bvdub - no one will ever find you here

transitioning into reality and it is one of the most difficult things i’ve ever done in my life.

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